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Overnight Desert Safari has the potential to be the best tour of your life. It has all the elements of a great trip like excitement, enjoyment, thrill, uniqueness and much more. This trip will prove to be life-changing, and once you come back from the tour, you will explore a completely different side of yourself. There is nothing like sleeping on the bed of sand under the blanket of stars. One can experience some of the best outdoor activities in his life, and once you return from the trip, you can have lifelong memories. But be careful this trip will prove to be very addicting.


If you want to experience one of the best overnight desert safari tours, then opt with our option. This trip will prove to be a perfect combination of Arabic culture and a spectacular display of nature along with thrill and excitement. We promise you that this trip will be a profoundly illuminating and revitalizing experience of your life. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking the beauty of the desert and will experience a totally different side of the tyrant sea of glittering golden sand under the sun.
There were many fun activities arranges for all of you to enjoy, like camel trekking, sandboarding, quad bike ride and for the car racing lovers, there is also an exciting option for you all. You can also go with the possibility of adventurous 4X4 dune bashing. This list just does not end here, there are many other options as well, including henna tattooing, photography, and when the sun goes down, one can enjoy mesmerizing performances of belly dance and tanoura. You will have one of the best bonfire and BBQ experience of your life here. Even if you have done camping before, but the camping in the desert is nothing like something from the past. It is an entirely different experience, and the most amazing fact is that you will open your eyes watching one of the world’s best sunrise view. Never miss an opportunity to explore the wilderness of the desert along with us.


Need to go through an ideal night with your cherished one, with a perfect area, pleasant view, and some exciting experience? Shouldn’t something be said about having an Overnight Premium Desert Safari Tour in Dubai? Fabulous! You simply plan it, and we will most likely make it a noteworthy one for you!


One of the biggest attraction of desert safari is its dune bashing. People and especially youngsters love to ride 4×4 vehicles over the uneven sand dunes at high speed to taste the entirely different side of thrill and excitement.


You can experience one of the best dining experience of your life under the shining and twinkling stars in the tranquil and mesmerizing atmosphere of the desert. Two things of Arabs are famous one is their hospitality, and the other one is their cuisines, and in desert safari trip you have a chance to experience both. The BBQ experience you will have here will not match the BBQ of the world’s best restaurants because no other restaurant will be able to create a fantastic environment and feel of the desert.


To make your night’s more surprising and colorful different entertainment performances are arranged at the camping site. Visitors can see popular Arabic forms of dance, including belly dance and Tanura. Some of the other performances are also included like the mesmerizing fire dance performance, which is full of dangerous moves and will take your breath away. In Tanura performance, you will see dancers wearing colorful skirts and mostly doing swirling and spinning movements.
Mesmerizing Sunset View
Sunsets are always beautiful, but once you witness the sunset at desert safari, you will be awestruck by its beauty and charm. You will feel that your heart is still stuck between the incredibly beautiful orange-red and yellow rays of the sun even hours after sunset. And if you plan at a picnic while enjoying the fabulous view of the sunset, then one can easily understand the immense pleasure means.



(Minimum 4 Persons are required)
AED 250 | $ 68 Per Person


(Minimum 4 Persons are required)
AED 350 | $ 95 Per Person